INLIGHT™ Glycan Tagging Kit


Chemical purity 98%
Reference GTK-1000
Unlabeled CAS Number
Labeled CAS Number
Linear formula
Manufacturer Cambridge Isotope Laboratories

1.371,00 €



The INLIGHT kit contains a 13C-labeled  and unlabled hydrazide reagent, as well as a maltoheptose oligosaccharide (for quality control). The hydrazide tagging derivatization has been demonstrated to  increase the hydrophobicity of the enzymatically  cleaved glycans and improve their ionization efficiency for enhanced RP-LC-MS analysis.

This kit provides:
• Material for up to 20 runs
• Detailed user manual.

The INLIGHT protocol is adept at quantitatively comparing the N-glycan and heparin oligomer profiles of sample digests (e.g., case vs. control) in a rapid and straightforward manner.1,2
In  such experiments, glycan identification is facilitated by authentic standards, while data analysis can be accomplished in Skyline.3

1. Hecht, E.S.; McCord, J.P.; Muddiman, D.C. 2016. A quantitative glycomics and proteomics combined purification strategy. J Vis Exp, 109, 53735-53749.

2. Comparative analysis of INLIGHT™-labeled enzymatically depolymerized heparin by reverse-phase chromatography and high-performance mass spectrometry. Anal Bioanl Chem, 409(2), 499-509.

3. N-linked glycosite profiling and use of Skyline as a platform for characterization and relative quantification of glycans in differentiating xylem of Populus trichocarpa. Anal Bioanal Chem.


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