Bile Acid Mixes

Bile acids (BAs) are steroid-like compounds that act as a detergent in the breakdown of fats. This family of compounds comprises primary BAs (synthesized in the liver) and secondary BAs (produced in the gut by bacteria following modification of the primary BAs). These are essential regulatory compounds that are involved in various metabolic processes (e.g., cholesterol and lipid metabolism) and signaling interactions (e.g., in glucose and energy homeostasis).

Toward research and development efforts in the microbiome field, Eurisotop offers stable isotope-labeled (and unlabeled) bile acid (BA) mixes. These formulations are dried down, with the unconjugated BAs in one vial (labeled, MSK-BA2; unlabeled, MSK-BA2-US) and the conjugated BAs in a second (labeled, MSK-BA2; unlabeled, MSK-BA2-US). The mixes can be used in untargeted and targeted LC-MS methods for a variety of purposes (from quality control to quantification).