Metabolic Research

We offer the most complete listing of stable isotopically labeled metabolic substrates available. These metabolic substrates are labeled with 13C, 15N, 17O, 18O, D, as well as other stable isotopes. Some of the many applications for these materials include the utilization of amino acids for protein turnover studies, carbohydrates for glucose metabolism studies, and fatty acids for lipolysis research. Stable isotope labeling of these materials allows investigators to probe metabolic pathways in living systems in a manner which is safe, accurate and non-invasive.

Isotope-dilution mass spectrometry (IDMS) is inarguably the most accurate, sensitive, reproducible and popular method available for quantifying small and intermediate-sized molecules in a wide range of sample types. One primary reason why compounds enriched in stable isotopes make ideal internal standards for comparative or absolute quantitation using mass spectrometry is that separate signals from the “heavy” (isotope enriched) and “light” (native) forms of the same compound are detected simultaneously.  

13C, 15N and 17O nuclei are NMR active, and thus compounds enriched in these isotopes allow for magnetic resonance detection. The large chemical shift range and favorable relaxation properties of the 13C nucleus has made 13C-enriched substrates highly valuable probes of cellular chemistry and metabolism, particularly in the rapidly advancing field of hyperpolarization.

Euriso-Top recognize the importance of high chemical purity and isotopic enrichment for metabolic studies. For this reason, all products are tested to the meet high specifications for both. All products are shipped with a Certificate of Analysis that indicates the passing results and an MSDS to describe the product even further. We may be able to provide additional data upon request.

We offer different grades of products for your metabolic research. These include research grade, microbiological and pyrogen tested and cGMP grade. An Enhanced Technical Data Package is also available for some products. Please inquire for details.

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