Trace Element Analysis

The isotopically labeled elements and compounds in the Eurisotop library are amenable to a wide array of applications. Among them are research activities in conductivity, agriculture, botany, and biosample analysis (e.g., urine, bone). Increasingly performed is the testing of heavy metals (e.g., Hg, As, Cd) in cannabis-based products. As noted in the published literature (see example references below), the prevailing analytical technique for these types of applications is element-specific detection (e.g., ICP-MS).


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the three most commonly purchased elements/compounds and their quantity of supply? Isotopically enriched iron, sulfur, and lithium carbonate are the most commonly purchased elements/compounds. These are supplied in mg of element quantities.

Are there any shipping restrictions with the available products? Yes. For example, several products containing elemental boron and its compounds cannot be shipped to China and Hong Kong as they represent restricted products under the ECCN 1C011 and 1C225 regulations. Since other elements/compounds may be controlled in certain countries, please inquire for further details.

Can orders be customized based on element/compound and quantity of interest? Yes, please inquire.

What type of mineral oil is contained in the 6Li metal, and how would this be removed? White mineral oil. Prior to use, the oil can be removed by washing with solvent (e.g., petroleum ether).