Yeast Extract Kits

The yeast extracts – U-13C (ISO1 or L-ISO1) and unlabeled (ISO1-UNL and L-ISO1-UNL) – are designed for internal standardization (i.e., matrix spike-in) quantitation experiments and for quality control evaluations in untargeted and targeted metabolomics. The compounds in these extracts span broad metabolic classes (e.g., amino and organic acids, sugar phosphates, coenzymes) that are linked to various biochemical pathways (e.g., citrate and glyoxylate cycle, amino acid and nucleotide metabolism, pentose phosphate) and cellular/molecular processes (e.g., immune system, blood coagulation, DNA metabolism). These metabolites have been rigorously characterized by several LC-/GC-MS methodologies and are amenable to a variety of research uses after simple reconstitution.

Kit Contents

  • Dried-down yeast extract(s) as U-13C and/or unlabeled.

  • Document package (supplied via QR code). Package includes user manual, which contains example procedures and LC-MS methods for user references.