Organic Acid Mixtures

Organic acids (OAs) play essential roles in energy metabolism pathways (e.g., glycolysis, tricarboxylic acid cycle), with the short-chained OAs emerging as important regulators of host immune response and transcriptional regulation.
To aid qualification and quantification research in MS-based metabolomics, CIL is pleased to offer a collection of OA mixes in their stable isotope-labeled and unlabeled forms. These are available as a complete mix (comprised of 33 analytes; MSK-OA-1) and subset mixes (with 33 analytes spread across 7 subclasses e.g., 5 analytes in α-keto acid mix, MSK-OA1-1). All mixes are dried down, with 1 mL reconstitution yielding 250 µM equimolar concentration. Please refer to our Organic Acid Mixtures flyer for the metabolomic mix compositions.

Technical information