Credentialed E. coli Cell Extract Kits

Metabolomics generates large, complex datasets. Due to this complexity, it is challenging to assess method performance, to identify analytes, and to compare data across laboratories and experiments. The diversity of metabolite analytes and metabolomic study designs precludes the use of one or a few standards to address these challenging questions. A solution, developed by Patti and colleagues, is the credentialing protocol. This utilizes E. coli cell extracts and novel Credentialing software (GPL3 open source license at or Compound Discoverer™ version 3.0 or greater) to discriminate features of biological origin from contaminants (e.g., plastic leachable, solvent impurities, carryover) and artifacts (e.g., informatic errors) without having to identify metabolite structures.

Using E. coli as the representative complex biological sample, the Credentialed E. coli Extract Kits are offered by Eurisotop for untargeted metabolomic developments. These kits are supplied as a solution (MSK-CRED-KIT) or dried down (MSK-CRED-DD-KIT) extracts (see below for kit contents). They are designed to assist in optimizing methods for untargeted, metabolomic profiling studies (see references below for example applications).

Kit Contents

  • U-13C-labeled (at 99% enrichment) E. coli cell extract (dried down or 100 µL)

  • Unlabeled E. coli cell extract (dried down or 100 µL)

  • Document package (supplied via QR code). This includes a user manual, which contains instructions/illustrations on example sample preparations and data analysis approaches.