Lipidomics Mixtures and Kits

Eurisotop offers a number of multi-component mixtures for lipidomics research. The standards in the mixes are uniformly (e.g., U-13C mixed fatty acids) or partially (e.g., lysophosphatidylcholine or LysoPC mix) labeled and are available in research and/or microbiological/pyrogen tested (MPT) grades. Crude lipid yeast extracts (U-13C and unlabeled) are also available for use as standards in MS-based lipidomics studies. The fatty acids and lipids comprising these extracts span broad classes/pathways and are involved in a myriad of cellular/molecular processes. The extract kits are accompanied with a user manual, which provides a guide to the preparation and processing possibilities for product implementation, as well as supplying further resources for additional reference.