MS/MS Screening Standards and Mixes

Eurisotop offers a breadth of high-quality, stable isotope-labeled (and unlabeled) standards and mixtures for tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) screening. The standards span several metabolic classes (includes amino acids, organic acids, and fatty acids), while the mixes contain a collection of class-specific standards (e.g., 12 amino acids in NSK-A). These are available in 10-vial sets or as single vials and are suitable for metabolite quantification in isotope dilution mass spectrometry (IDMS) experiments.

Details and applications of our offerings (both mixtures and individuals) for MS/MS screening are noted in the resources and references below. In particular, the MS/MS Screening Mixtures and Standards catalog lists the mix composition details and reconstitution recommendations (for concentrated and working stocks), but also the usage specifications (i.e., storage and recommended retest date before and after reconstitution) for our reference standard sets. CIL also has the ability to customize standards or mixes to meet your specific needs. Please inquire for details.