Select Series

Manufactured from ASTM Type 1 Class A Glass, Commonly Referred to as Pyrex®

Our “Select Series” NMR tubes are manufactured out of ASTM Type 1 Class A glass, commonly referred to as Pyrex® 7740 (Corning), Duran® (Schott Glass), or Kimax® KG-33 (Kimble) glass. Key properties that make this glass type desirable for NMR are its high degree of thermal shock resistance and low expansion coefficient. This allows for a greater margin of safety from breakage when used in variable temperature applications and freeze/thaw cycling, or under any other application where large temperature variations are required in the experiment. Each NMR tube is checked for concentricity and camber specifications utilizing the latest computer technology. At Norell we have taken NMR tube manufacturing to a new level of science.

  • Engineered for a new generation of high-throughput lab automation systems.

  • Superior NorLoc™ cap (U.S. Patent No. 8,054,080) attaches semi-permanently for multiple use and for critical applications.

  • Safe for cold refrigeration storage, works with cryo-probes and variable temperature studies.


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