Standard Series

Manufactured from ASTM Type 1 Class B glass, commonly referred to as N-51A

Our “Standard Series” NMR tubes are manufactured out of ASTM Type 1 Class B glass, commonly referred to as N-51A. Applications that are suited for using this type of glass are routine NMR where samples are run under room temperatures with no thermal gradients. It is therefore not recommended to fuse this glass with standard vacuum manifolds and the like, since these are generally made out of Type 1 Class A glass. Each NMR tube is checked for concentricity and camber specifications utilizing the latest computer technology. At Norell we have taken NMR tube manufacturing to a new level of science.

Through our advanced manufacturing process, the NMR tube bottoms are uniformly hemispherical and consistent, thereby minimizing shimming and susceptibility differences among samples. This uniformity extends throughout the wall thickness of the tubes, maximizing the concentricity among tubes and lots. This translates to more consistent placement of the contained sample volumes in today’s advanced, highly homogeneous, high field NMR magnets. NMR tubes are manufactured with round bottoms and are available with flat bottoms upon request. We manufacture all NMR tubes in any length upon request.

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