Lipidomics Standards

Eurisotop offers a diverse library of stable isotope-labeled and unlabeled fatty acids/lipids for lipidomics research. These are available in various labeling patterns (i.e., uniform, partial), forms (i.e., free acid, salt, ester), and material grades (i.e., research, microbiological/pyrogen tested – MPT). The fatty acids cover saturated (e.g., myristic, palmitic, stearic) and unsaturated (e.g., palmitoleic, linoleic, oleic) classes. The lipids include ceramides and phospholipids/lysophospholipids as well as triacylglycerides and carnitine/acylcarnitines. These isotopically labeled compounds can be used for flux determination and/or relative or absolute quantification of fatty acids/lipids in biological samples.