PALMITIC ACID (1,2,3,4-13C4, 99%)

1 G

Chemical purity 98%
Reference CLM-7896-1
Unlabeled CAS Number 57-10-3
Labeled CAS Number 287100-89-4
Linear formula CH3(CH2)11(*CH2)3*COOH
MW 260,39

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PALMITIC ACID (1,2,3,4-13C4, 99%) CLM-7896-PK G 98% CH3(CH2)11(*CH2)3*COOH

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PALMITIC ACID (1,2,3,4-13C4, 99%) CLM-7896-0.1MG 0.1 MG 98% CH3(CH2)11(*CH2)3*COOH

87,40 €

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