TESTOSTERONE (2,3,4-13C3,99%)

5 MG

Chemical purity 98%
Reference CLM-9164-0.005
Unlabeled CAS Number 58-22-0
Labeled CAS Number 327048-83-9
Linear formula *C3C16H28O2
MW 291,4

707,00 €

This is a controlled substance. All orders for this item must be accompanied by a copy of the customer's valid DEA permit (electronic copy is ok). For International and Canadian orders: an end use Statement will be required in addition to the DEA permit. If the item is not controlled by country of ultimate destination, CIL will need a Letter of no Objection in place of the DEA permit.



Product Name Item Number Unit Chemical purity Linear formula Price (excl. VAT) Qty
TESTOSTERONE (2,3,4-13C3,99%) CLM-9164-0.01 10 MG 98% *C3C16H28O2

1.272,40 €

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TESTOSTERONE (2,3,4-13C3,99%) CLM-9164-PK 98% C16*C3H28O2

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