5A-PREGNAN-3A,17,21-TRIOL-11,20-DIONE (2,2,3,4,4-D5, 98%) 100 UG/ML IN METHANOL

Chemical purity
Reference DLM-11009-PK
Unlabeled CAS Number
Labeled CAS Number
Linear formula

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Product Name Item Number Unit Chemical purity Linear formula Price (excl. VAT) Qty
1-PHENYLETHANOL (1,2,2,2-D4, 98%) DLM-1097-5 5 G 98% C6H5CD(OH)CD3

556,10 €

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1-PHENYLETHANOL (RING-D5, 98%) DLM-1098-5 5 G 98% C6D5CH(OH)CH3

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